What is Conservative Care In an era of quick fixes, unrealistic surgical expectations and impersonal “client service”, The Upper Extremity Institute stands apart. We believe in a holistic healing philosophy which keeps your ultimate well-being always in mind; a philosophy which considers surgery only as a last resort. This is conservative care: from initial examination and diagnosis through therapy, self-hypnosis techniques, biofeedback, and a complete array of standard and alternative treatment options, we’ll provide you with the specific behavior and lifestyle modification plan or pain management program you need to recover as fully, quickly – and painlessly – as possible. Through it all, we’ll offer more than the brisk bedside manner that is so swiftly dispensed today; we’ll make you feel at home and give you the time – just as old-fashioned doctors would – to discuss the full scope of your problem. After all, it is only by understanding exactly where it hurts that we will know precisely how to help you get better.

Upper Extremity Institute Outpatient Services


  • Comprehensive Initial Evaluation
  • EMG / Nerve Conduction Studies
  • X-Ray Studies
  • Hand and Upper Extremity Therapy
  • Self-hypnosis / Pain Management Techniques
  • Biofeedback / Pain Management Techniques
  • Functional Capacity Evalution
  • Alternative and Holistic Treatments
  • Follow-Up Evaluations
  • Surgery
  • Vocational and Lifestyle Counseling

An Exclusive Array of Services The Upper Extremity Institute provides a full range of services and benefits to our patients. All services are offered on the premises, in our own spacious, conveniently located, state-of-the-art facility in Blue Bell, Montgomery County, PA. With dedicated staff departments for nursing, therapy, x-ray, EMG/NCV and biofeedback, we offer everything – even custom-fabricated and fitted splints of our own design – under one roof, to help you heal properly.