We Can Help The Upper Extremity Institute is a division of the Montgomery County Hand Center, founded in 1991 by Scott M. Fried.A recognized leader in the understanding and treatment of nerve and upper extremity disorders, Dr. Fried has assembled a growing team of fully qualified, highly trained and thoroughly conscientious healthcare professionals dedicated to one basic principle: compassionate, conservative care for your injury.

About Dr. Scott Fried

Dr. Fried is a board-certified orthopaedic surgeon, fellowship trained hand surgeon and a hand and upper extremity specialist, and a fellow with the American Osteopathic Academy of Orthopaedics. Affiliated with Mercy Suburban Hospital and the President of the Upper Extremity Institute, Dr. Fried has treated thousands of patients with complex nerve problems. He has also lectured and written extensively in the areas of pain and nerve disease and standard as well as alternative healing. His books, Light at the End of the Carpal Tunnel: A Guide to Understanding and Relief from the Pain of Nerve Problems, and The Carpal Tunnel Help Book, grew out of his years of experience, research and an in-depth understanding of medical and alternative treatments for nerve-related traumas. He is also President and Chief inventor of Doctor in the House, Inc., a company dedicated to the development of medical devices for home treatment of orthopedic injury.

Some of his society memberships include the AMA, AOA, Philadelphia Hand Society, Jefferson Hand Club, Jefferson Alumni Association of Thomas Jefferson University Medical College, The Jefferson Orthopaedic Society, The American Society for Clinical Hypnosis, The Greater Philadelphia Society for Clinical Hypnosis, The Greater Philadelphia Pain Society, The American Association for Hand Surgery (A.A.H.S.) and he is Past President of the Hand Surgery Section of the AOAO.

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