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The Carpal Tunnel in cross section TLC: Tranverse Carpal Ligament; MN: Median  Nerve; T.R., S,L,H: Carpal bones; FDS, FDP, etc:  Flexor Tendons


The median nerve at the wrist travels through the carpal tunnel beneath the tranverse capral  ligament (TLC). The Ulnar Nerve has its own seperate tunnel (the Canal of Guyon). [m.b.  (m): motor branch median nerve; m.b. (u): motor  branch ulnar nerve; UN: ulnar nerve; MN: median nerve]


The nerves of the upper extremity begins as the thoracic outlet and then travel as long cables from the neck to the fingertips. The three nerves innervating the hand: the median, radial, and ulnar are seen here in their entirety.  Pathology at any level can produce symptoms  throughout the arm.


The thoracic outlet. Shown are the nerves of the  brachial plexus traveling through the thoracic outlet bound in front by the anterior scalene muscle, beneath by the first rib and behind by the middle scalene muscle.

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